Owners Protecting Agency

1. To ensure that charterers nominated agents tender ETA notices / NOR to all concerned.
2. To ensure that charterers nominated Agents complete all Customs documentation/ formalities for smooth loading / discharging of cargo and avoid any berthing delays to the vessel.
3. To obtain clearances from Port Health and Immigration Authorities.
4. To verify the working of Proforma D / A submitted by Charterer's Agents; negotiate for any reductions / discounts and follow-up for early submission of final D / A & refunds,if any, to owners .
5. To handle owners funds towards Port costs for vessels Port call, make payments to Port / Customs / Charterers Agents and refund the balance after vessel's departure.
6. To ensure that charterers nominated Agents complete all Port documentation / formalities and make payment of Port charges, etc to the Port in time to avoid any berthing / sailing delay to the vessel.
7. To handle Freight Tax documentation on export cargoes and obtaining exemption from income Tax authorities, if eligible.
8. To ensure that all documentations on board are completed properly and remarks are recorded carefully / correctly.
9. To ensure that charterers nominated Agents send vessel documents to owners promptly after completion of operation.
10. To ensure that Charterers nominated Agents attend daily Port meetings and take up the matter with the Port Authority for early berthing of vessel.
11. To ensure that Charterers nominated Agents report to all concerned about vessel's berthing prospects, line-up of vessels, etc on a regular basis.
12. After vessel's berthing till departure to co-ordinate with Port / Custom Agents / Receivers / Shippers for smooth cargo operations and to monitor cargo operations carefully to minimize loading / unloading losses.
13. To report to owners any untoward incidents related to vessel cargo operations.
14. To handle cargo loss claims with charterers, Agents / receivers / shippers / customs on behalf of owners.
15. To assist and guide Master of vessel resolving problems connected with Port / Port State Control / Customs / immigration / Charterers / Receivers / Shippers.
16. To handle all husbandry jobs like Crew change (including hotel booking / travel arrangements), supply of fresh water, bunkers, provisions, stores. etc delivery of CTM, spares, etc.